Teeth Straightening

Performed by Dr Nikita Nirwan

Dr Nikita Nirwan

Teeth straightening is a treatment that uses fixed or removable braces to move your teeth into a straight and aesthetically pleasing position

You can correct a multitudes of malalignment issues with braces, such as:

  • Crowding: This is the most common issue my patients have. It is an especially common problem in the lower front teeth, unfortunately this crowding only gets worse with age.Whilst it can be cosmetically distressing, the great thing is that this is easily treatable with braces
  • Spacing: this usually occurs if the teeth are too small for the jaw or the jaw is overdeveloped. There are a few ways to treat this concern. One is to pull the teeth back and bring them closer together, or if this in itself would not look right, then we can move the teeth together in the same arch form but collect the space in a less obvious place or for a bridge to be placed.
  • Displaced teeth: sometimes are teeth are in an acceptable alignment, but there is one pesky tooth that is out of line completely. Again, depending on where the tooth is and braces are possible to be placed, they can be!
  • Vampire canines: this is the same issue as the displaced teeth concern. We see it often with upper canines they can come out high and further outwards, looking sharp and unpleasant. Braces can be used to bring the canines back into position, but treatment can take a while longer as the canine teeth have very long roots and can be stubborn to move.
  • Cross bites: your upper teeth should sit in front of your lower teeth when you bite down together on your back teeth. When one or more teeth is out of that delicate balance, it can result in what we call a cross-bite. Mild cross bite cases can be treated with braces but more severe ones should be assessed by a specialist orthodontist for further treatment.
  • Protruding teeth: front teeth, usually the uppers, protruding too much can cause a lot of misery to people, sometimes making them too self- conscious to smile! Mild to moderate cases can be treated with braces but sometimes specialist referrals are needed.

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Teeth Straightening Pricing

A comprehensive consultation will be required in order to provide a accurate price for teeth straightening.

Please note: All procedures & consultations will be carried out personally by Dr Nikita Nirwan herself.



What are the different ways that you can achieve straighter teeth?

The main teeth straightening systems that I offer at my clinic are listed below:

1) Invisalign: A trusted and reliable system that offers the unique benefit of being a clear aligner system so it is practically invisible while it does its job.
2) Fastbrace: This fixed brace system is a fast and efficient way to move teeth. Brackets can be the classical metallic ones or tooth coloured ceramic ones to make the treatment more discreet.
3) Inman aligner: this revolutionary system can straighten the front teeth in as little as 6-16 weeks. Its new design makes it a lot less bulky than previous appliances but just as powerful.

Teeth straightening with invisible braces?

Invisalign is a great way for people with a busy lifestyle and social commitments to straighten their teeth without being noticed. Invisalign works using a series of clear aligners that fit tightly over your teeth, almost invisible to others, and they move your teeth with gently pressure over a certain number of months.

How long does it take to straighten teeth?

This will vary from person and depends not only on your starting point but also how your teeth respond to the treatment. In my young, healthy patients they can usually achieve the smile they want within 6 months. But in older patients or those more resistant to their teeth changing positions- this may take a little longer and you may be looking somewhere closer to 12 months.

We can predict generally how long it will take for you, in your initial consultation appointment.

What happens in the teeth straightening appointments?

In the initial consultation appointment we will discuss your concerns with the positions of your teeth and what you would like to achieve. I will do an examination of your teeth and gums, including X-rays to determine the health of your teeth and ascertain whether you would be a suitable candidate for this treatment.

I will need to take some photographs and moulds of your teeth to upload on to our special software, which will shortly give us a week by week guide to visually see how your teeth would move and what you could expect to achieve by the end of the treatment.

In the subsequent appointment we would prepare your teeth for the braces/ invisalign by placing either brackets (for braces) or small invisible attachments to your teeth (for invisalign). And I would then place the straightening system on to your teeth and show you the care and wear instructions. Our aftercare leaflet would encompass everything you would need for looking after your teeth straightening system.

I see you approximately every 6-8 weeks for regular follow up appointments to see how your teeth are moving and address any concerns you may have. In the last appointment of treatment we would remove all appliances, clean and polish teeth. For our Invisalign patients, free home whitening in included and at this stage we would commence this process to give you pearly white teeth to go with your beautiful straight smile.

Discussion of retainers would have taken place in the initial consultation appointment and this now needs to be put in place- either using a bonded wire at the back of your teeth or removable high quality retainers to be worn nightly.

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